Anal Sex Tips For Beginners

Anal sex requires a thorough preparation and foreplay prior to starting. The anus has so many nerve endings which make it very sensitive and responsive to sex. The anus is delicate and can tear if not well prepared for sex. Adequate foreplay will enable escorts and partners to attain maximum satisfaction and avoid injury during anal sex. The following tips are vital for beginners:

Try it First on Your Own

You should try putting a finger in your anus and massaging its outer parts to see if you can self-stimulate. If you feel the stimulation, then this means that you are good to have others stimulate you. You might feel awkward at first but, as time goes by, you will start to feel a nice feeling and become confident to have other people do it even more.

Ensure You Have a Good Lubricant On-Hand

The anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina, so it needs to be artificially lubricated. Use water-based gels for lubrication and avoid using oil-based gels since they can cause infections or react with the skin. Ensuring the anus is well lubricated will make it possible for more pleasurable penetration.

Start With Shallow Penetrations

Start with shallow penetration from sex toys, fingers, and the tongue to get your anus accustomed to stimulation prior to making a penile penetration. A butt-plug kit is also a training option since its penetrations increase gradually, thus making the foreplay experience more pleasurable. Anal sex should not be rushed and once you start penetrating it should be shallow and gradually go deeper. The nerve ending in the anus are found in the shallow parts and not deep inside. Any discomfort felt should be dealt with prior to delving into deeper arousal for the best experience. The person who is to be penetrated should be in control to guide their partner.

Incorporate Foreplay from Other Body Parts

Enhance stimulation during anal foreplay by touching other sexual organs such as the clitoris and breasts in women and penis and scrotum in men. The anus requires more time to stimulate compared to the vagina which calls for patience in having a person relax and be ready for sex.

Guys, you may want to try it out on an experienced professional so you do not hurt your partner. Consider hiring an escort from to have anal sex so you can learn the proper methods to pleasing your partner.


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