I envy my friends at London escorts

Is giving up your London escorts career always the right thing to do? I am not sure that I should have given up my London escorts career. When I left the London escorts agency I had been working for ten years, I was pretty sure that it was the right thing to do. I wanted to travel and I managed to get a job on a cruise ship. For the next two years, I travelled the world and had a great time.

The moment I joined another cruise line, I met Phil. He was a tall handsome man and turned out to be the ship’s singer and entertainer. This was a much smaller cruise line, but the working conditions were better. Phil was a bit older than me. I guess I liked him because he reminded me a lot of the men I used to date when I worked for London escorts. He was fun to be with and rather sophisticated. Just the sort of guy I used to date when I worked for London escorts. We fell in love and carried on travelling the world.

It was around this time I started to miss London escorts. Working for the cruise line was okay, but I did miss the stability London escorts had given me. I did not tell Phil I used to work for a London escorts, but he could tell that I was unsettled. I don’t know what came over me, but I felt like I did not belong anywhere. When I suggested that we go back and live in London, Phil said no. He had been working on ships for such a long time and could not imagine life on dry land as he said.

We did not really split up, but I ended up going back to London. To my surprise, Phil turned up soon afterward and moved in with me. Today, he still goes off and does a bit of work on cruise ships but I stay at home and work locally. I am less envious of the girls at the lowest cost London escorts. Travelling the world was amazing, but you can only do so much of that. In the end, you need some stability in your life. I feel that I have got that back.

Have I told Phil about London escorts? No, I have to admit that I have not told him. He thinks I used to work in a bar. I am glad that we have stayed to gather. He is getting a bit older and I have noticed that he appreciates his creature comforts when he comes home. We live in the basement flat that I bought with my London escorts. We have a garden with a fantastic pond and Phil does a bit of gardening. Sure, I still envy the glamorous lifestyle of my friends at London escorts from time to time, but I would not want to be without Phil in my life. He is the only man who has managed to make me swoon and we have some great giggles together.


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