Sandhurst is on the outskirts of London and is perhaps a bit calmer than central London

Many people who live in Sandhurst do commute into London every day. They have their jobs their and many of them may spend a lot of time in London. Sandhurst is a place to live and to relax in for them. Property prices are a bit lower and you can still find homes here at a rather reasonable cost. Sandhurst escorts of have been in business for just over three years not. The agency is run by a lady called Eve, She has a lot of experience of the London escorts service and enjoys her job immensely.

Eve has been with the agency for just over a year now. She started off an escort in Richmond and gradually moved through the ranks until she became the Madame. Although she did love to work in Richmond, she started to miss her native Sandhurst and wanted to move back home. After having moved back home she approached Sandhurst escorts like for a job and joined up just over a year ago. She has introduced some new services to the agency, but above all improved standards within the agency.

I would like us to work to elite or VIP agency standard, she says. The girls had been doing a fantastic job but all of them needed a bit of extra support. There were a few things that needed ironing out at Sandhurst escorts, says Eve. The girls on the front desk had a hard time making booking because the computer system was out of date. Now, we have a great new computer system and it is easier to arrange dates. Also the web site needed attention. So many gents now book dates after having seen their dream girl on the site.

A lot of our dates comes from the locals, says Eve. The gents that often date with us are in their mid-40’s and 50’s and need a bit of loving care. We try to lay on services which suit them like massage services. This is perhaps the most popular service that we offer to this age group. After that we also have some braver gents who have now started to enjoy duo dating. This is not for everybody and I do recognize that. This is why we try to vary our services as much as possible to fit in with our dates.

Going forward I am sure that Sandhurst escorts will continue to grow. All of the Sandhurst escorts who are on board now are very skilled and know their jobs. They really love what they do and this comes through on their dates. I am sure that we will continue to build our clientele based on our good service, and many local gents will continue to find the service useful. We have really good hourly rates so gents can easily afford to date for a longer period of time if they would like to. Most of our gents do take advantage of this.


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