Spring 2012 Bloom Season

Hope you enjoy looking at the photos of our flowers!. As per previous practice, we are listing photos in the order in which they have bloomed in our garden. Hopefully, this will convey some idea of EARLY - MID - LATE season bloomers. One caveat, many of the plants are 1st year specimens. As a result, they may be less well established and/or smaller in size which could result in a later bloom than would normally be expected.

The photos are being posted in order of bloom ... you are invited to click on the link below to compare "order of bloom" for previous seasons. Due to an unusually mild winter and "early" Spring, bloom season has started early this year ... the earliest for us ever. Last year, Double Byte, as per previous years, is our first to bloom.

We do NOT SELL any plants. For those interested in adding a specific cultivar to their own garden, we have tried to include on each photo a link to either a web site or email address of where the plant was obtained from. Please bear in mind that a particular nursury might offer an iris for sale one year, but then withdraw the item the following season to allow for sufficient increase so it can be re-listed at a later date.

SDB - Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris (Early season bloomers, 8 to 16 inches tall)
IB - Intermediate Bearded Iris (Early to Mid season blooms, 16 to 27 inches tall)
TB - Intermediate Bearded Iris (Early to Late season blooms, 29 to 40 inches tall)

Help and Apologies

If you are viewing this web page on an iPad, the photos come out distorted. I am not sure why ... nor in spite of my best efforts have I been able to correct this issue. Apple Safari works fine on my PC ... but we are aware of the issue regarding the iPad. If anyone has help/suggestions, please let us know.

Standard Dwarf Bearded iris (SDB's) are early season bloomers ... and the first to kick-off the iris bloom season. The 2 below show just how impressive a clump can be. Iris in this class are limited in size from 8 to 16 inches tall.

Bright Blue Eyes, M. Sutton, 2009 Intro (R)

Perfectionist, G. Sutton, 2010 Intro (R)

Double Byte
Little Sighs
4/4/12 Double Byte, SDB, G. Sutton
4/25/11 Little Sighs, SDB, G. Sutton

Fast Forward
Fall Line
4/09/12 Fast Forward, IB, Aitken
4/09/12, Pokemon, SDB, G. Sutton
4/09/12 Fall Line, IB, Sutton

Bright Blue Eyes MicroWave
4/10/12 Perfectionist , SDB, G. Sutton
4/11/12 Bright Blue Eyes, SDB, M. Sutton
4/13/12 Microwave, SDB, M. Smith

Lo Ho Silver
Toe The Line
Line Drive IB Iris
4/14/12, Lo Ho Silver, Byers
4/16/12 Toe The Line, IB, M. Sutton
4/18/12 Line Drive, IB, M. Sutton

The TB (Tall Bearded Iris) are the largest, most showey, and usually don't begin blooming until after their smaller "brothers" have started the show. Of the first 8 TB's to bloom this spring, the first 7 were also classified as "R" ... reblooming iris. They are: Snow Melt, St. Petersburg, Lunar Whitewash, Living on the Edge, Daughter of Stars, Rosalie Figge and Sea of Love.
So not only do the Rebloomers provide the last show in the Fall, they are also very often the first to start the bloom cycle in the Spring as well.

Snow Melt
Snow Melt
St. Petersburg
4/18/12 Snow Melt, TB, Sutton
4/20/12 Snow Melt in clump
4/20/12 St. Petersburg, TB, M. Byers

Lunar Whitewash
Living on the Edge Daughter of Stars
4/20/12 Lunar Whitewash - S. Innerst
4/20/12 Living on the Edge, TB, L. Lauer
4/21/12 Daughter of Stars, TB, D. Spoon

Rosalie Figge
Sea of Love Iris Chief John Jolly
4/21/12 Rosalie Figge, TB, McKnew
4/21/12 Sea of Love, TB, Laurer
4/21/12 Chief John Jolly, TB, T. Parkhill

Double Down
Autumn Bugler Clarence
4/22/12 Double Down, TB, Sutton
4.24/12 Autumn Bugler, TB, F.Jones
4/24/12 Clarence, TB, L. Zurbrigg

Garden Grace
Welcome Discovery Adore
4/24/12 Garden Grace, TB, Zurbrigg
4/24/12 Welcome Discovery, TB, Brendel
4/25/12 Adore, TB, Blyth

Edge of thel World
 Golden Immortal  Bolder Boulder
4/25/12 Edge of the World, TB, Sutton
4/26/12 Golden Immortal, TB, Sutton
4/26/12 Bolder Boulder, TB, Magee

Struck Twice
4/27/12 Struck Twice, TB, L. Lauer

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All photos are copyright, 2009, 2010, 2011 by Peter Postel -- We do not sell iris. Please click on photos for information
regarding availability of cultivars.

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