We are all about iris ... especially those that will rebloom.

Iris are called the "Rainbow Goddess" of flowers because they offer some of greatest color selections among plants. Through the work of dedicated hybridizers who have bred for form, color, patterns, style and rebloom characteristics ... we now have the best selection of iris ever available to gardeners.
With average soil, plenty of sunshine, GOOD DRAINAGE and avoidance of high nitrogen fertilizers (which can lead to rot) ... they will thrive in your garden. Aside from the color and display, iris are generally ignored by deer ... a big plus in my urban garden.
Please enjoy our web page ... if you click on the "Spring" buttons, you will find photos of iris in Spring bloom in our New Jersey garden. Included in the Spring Bloom category are all iris: both rebloomers and "oncers" - those that bloom only in the Spring . The "Fall" buttons will show those cultivars that have successfully "repeated" ... come back to bloom again in the Fall. While in states such as California, reblooming iris can extend the season through most of the year, here in New Jersey, our season ends with the first hard frost. It is for this reason that we favor "early" rebloomers. Please explore our Fall buttons for more information.

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Aside from the many colors (as you might guess, I am partial to blues) there are other interesting iris characteristics to look for. Hopefully the information below will be of interest.

Snow Melt
Snow Melt, M. Sutton, 2004


White (or white tinted) Standards (upper 3 petals of the flower) with colored Falls (lower 3 petals of the flower)

Crowned Heads, Keppel, 1997

Reverse Amoena

Colored Standards (upper 3 petals of the flower) with White (or white tinted) Falls (lower 3 petals of the flower)

Blutique, Messick, 1998

Broken Color

Random splashes of color appear throughout the dominant color. Tie-dye effect in some cultivars

Fluffy Pillows, Schreiner, 2008

Flat Form

Instead of having upright standards and hanging lower pteal falls, some iris flowers are flat.

Royal Sterling, Keppel, 2005


Hybridizers have worked to capture an extravagence of fine lacy edging.

Brilliant Idea, Keppel, 2009


"Stitched" or stippled margin color on white. Note the thick orange "beards" present in our illustration.

You are welcome to visit my online garden ... with photos and information on iris ... with an emphasis on those that will rebloom.
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